15 April 2011

BlackNET Intelligence Channel - TECHNICAL UPGRADING


HD/23; US/99; US/1; NSNS/1; HN/1; JAG/1; ADD/2; NSArchive/1;  ATTN: HST/2
New equipment and software improvements are slowly getting up to operational capacity. This unexpected hiatus followed a rather dramatic, if cryptic, operator error-caused equipment failure on 15 FEB 2011 immediately following the BKNT early release of the National Academy of Science rather stinging critique of the FBI's microbial forensic protocols on the AMERITHRAX - Dr. Bruce IVINS suicide CASES.

Much more BKNT Member analysis and NEWS to follow on SAME in the coming weeks.

As the upgrades are being absorbed by BKNT-HQ Managerial Staff, who face daunting learing curve, we expect to be fully functioning on the operational front and moving quickly thereafter on the editorial content packages.

Special thanks to all Members, new, young, old. or indifferent, for your patience in this never-ending adventure.
Beer-tips are owed Members 
ADD/2; CID/2; HST/2; NSNS/1; NSNS/4; US/88; SubMIND/1; RON/1; US/12

See ya'll back on the BlackNET Intel PAGE on Monday.

And Happy Tax Day.....


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