01 June 2011

BKNT--Members Join fight in CIA suit against retiree/Author 'Ishmael Jones'--OS


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The CIA is suing Ishmael Jones for publishing The Human Factor, an intensely critical examination of the company’s waste and fraud.  The book contains no classified, classifiable, or secret information.  The CIA has unlimited money, time, and lawyers with which to pursue this lawsuit.

A victory against the CIA lawsuit will help Americans control big government and safeguard Constitutional freedoms.

We're fighting the good fight.  Our constructive criticism of the CIA over the last three years has paid off in improvements in clandestine programs and in tighter financial discipline, but there's a long way to go. 

The CIA's goals are to silence Jones and to take the profits Jones earned from publication of the book.  These profits sit in educational accounts belonging to children of American soldiers killed in action.  Jones has refused to accept a single penny from the sales of his book.  Incredibly, the CIA wants this money.  We think they have enough money already.

The CIA's legal strategy appears to be to avoid due process and to keep the case away from a jury.  We are fighting this now.  The CIA cannot win in front of a jury.  Jones spent 20 years on active duty, first with the Marine Corps and then the CIA, working to protect the family and friends of every jury member, and he continues to work for their safety through reform of the clandestine service.

Please donate to the legal defense against the CIA lawsuit by clicking here:

Checks can be mailed payable to:

Writers Representatives (Ishmael Jones Defense)
116 W. 14th St., 11th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Please forward this message to any interested people.  Thank you for your support.

Best regards, Steve Johnson for Ishmael Jones

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