24 April 2012

PLAYING With FIRE, Part - #2 --Fla. Rev. T. JONES TELCON w/CG John ALLEN, C/ISAF & USFOR-A : Let the QUORAN Burn Countdown Begin--LD-e/C

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SUBJ:  PLAYING With FIRE, Part - #2 -- Fla. Rev. T. JONES TELCON w/CG John ALLEN, C/ISAF & USFOR-A : Let the QUORAN Burn Countdown Begin--LD-e/C

[ed.not: 21st Century Miranda-zadha (son-of) rights have been rendered, for what remains of the dignity, if not soveignty, of the Persopolian/Persian Empire. Anybody miss the Shah?

As noted in an earlier missive, Sic Semper Iranis…?

Gen. William ODOM, one of the few true players to accurately predict the collapse of the Soviet Union (and on-the-record at that),* once argued to me, during the Fall of 1988, that even with the detrius of the Iran/contra scandal, the twenty-five years of stability proffered under the Shah’s dictatorial rule was worth it.

We are now entering our 34th year under Revolutionary Guard and Mullah RULE. At what price for the next twenty-five?

Just about every March, almost like clockwork (since 2006 – ck), sometime BKNT Member P-Sy HERSH has predicted/revealed SpecOPS, and tribal training, etc., in Iran. He was accurate on most of those occasions--some contemptuously confirmed by your herein affiant (US/1)--but the Azeris, Kurds, Baluchis and Russians apparently hadn’t signed off with the Israelis until late last year.

Go figure.

So, fasten your parachute fighter-straps; and sit on your helmut…] 

(* - Hai, Fukuyama-san?)

April 24th, 2012
Media Contact: [redacted]

Today at 8:45am ET, General John R. Allen, Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and the U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) called Dr Terry Jones.  General Allen expressed his fear of retaliation against the US Military in Afghanistan if we carry on with our plans for April 28th.

Dr Terry Jones responded with his larger concerns for the situation in Islamic countries such as Egypt and Iran where Christians are being killed on a regular basis, houses and churches are burned, girls are kidnapped, raped and forced into Islam.

“I am sure you are as aware as I am of the horrors of the religion,” said Dr Jones, “but Islam is killing people.” He pointed out that the military personnel willingly enlisted, are trained, armed and well funded. People like Pastor Youcef did not volunteer, are not armed, have no budget and no one to fight for them.

“By no means do we take this situation lightly. We are just as Christians, as human beings very desperate for some kind of relief for those people who die on a daily basis at the hands of radical Islam.”

r Jones stated that we would be willing to cancel or postpone the April 28th event if concrete steps could be made to bring change to the situation concerning human rights and freedom of religion in Islamic States. [emphasis added - US/2]

Details of our April 28th Event HERE

Stand Up America Now

5200 NW 43rd St
Ste. 102 #188
Gainesville, FL 32606-4486
United States
April 24th, 2012    [4 days to go...]

MEDIA CONTACT: [redacted]

At 8:45am ET today, Dr. Terry Jones received a phone call from General John R. Allen, Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and the U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A). We will be sending out a Press Release with the outcome of the conversation with the General in the next few hours. 

Terry Jones is Calling for a World Wide Burning of Korans and Images of the Prophet Muhammad on Saturday, APRIL 28th, 5pm ET, if Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has not been released by that time. 

                        [photos snipped by US/1]

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been imprisoned and faces execution in Iran simply for his Christian faith. His fate is in the hands of Ayatullah Haajj Sayyid Ali Khamenei and those that can influence the Iranian government to release him so that he can rejoin his family and freely practice his chosen religion. 

Islamic leaders and Islamic government officials around the world have been contacted and warned. They have an opportunity to use their connections and authority for good. 

The world of Islam must submit to Western demands for freedom of religion for Christians and other non-Muslims and freedom of speech concerning the oppressive and violent aspects of the ideology of Islam. 


If this does not happen, join with us on April 28th at 5pm for the burning of Korans and Images of Muhammad.


Free Pastor Youcef or else says Dr. Terry Jones

Thank you,
Stand Up America Now
Terry Jones for President 2012
Upcoming events: 
April 21, 2012 ~ Taking Back Zimmerman/Martin's Constitutional Rights in Sanford, FL
FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: Taking Back Zimmerman/Martin's Constitutional Rights
VIDEO: Dr. Terry Jones responds to Trayvon Martin Tragedy
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Link to Video Introduction:  International Judge Muhammad Day 9/11/2012

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