15 February 2013


5 TWEETS from 07 FEB 2013
US/1 BlackNET Intell
 ATTN: @BlackHoleNET
Predator Drones don't kill innocent AMERICAN civilian children, #alAwalaki, HELLFIRE Missiles DO #nationalsecuritygroup
Problem is, those strikes are considered, and are, cowardly, in the tribal places wherein upon the are being currently deployed, i.e...
...Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, etc., as courageously pointed out a couple of days ago by Stan McChrystal.
Viet Cong remember warmly “high-tech” battlefield multiplier dployed by “primitive” locals--themselves--& cherished their SAM-7s and AK-47s
#nationalsecuritygroup @blackhole29
 DoD & OGA w/WH approval propose kill MORE US-CITS w/o due process Thot we kill foreigners for doing that...

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In 1991, [the late former Secretary of State Lawrence 'Just call me George'] Eagleburger explained to The Post why all of his sons were named Lawrence.

“First of all, it was ego,” he said. “And secondly, I wanted to screw up the Social Security system.”