16 January 2013

BKNT--RECRIM - I/Cy-WAR--Re: BKNT--FLASH--CTC Whitewashing Iran/al Qaeda Connections?-ND-RECRIM

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ROMA-5/ALPHA; US/1; ATTN: HST1-2; TSP/2; NSW/2; US/17; YQ/G-1; US/12; US/5

[ed.note: A rather STARK contrast to the portrait being hoisted in recent days about how the AQ's weren't playing well with their Persian Shiite brethren. 

The below IR [Intelligence Report] is DTG Stamped at - 08 APR 2010 : 1007 ZULU, would SEEM to put IRAN together with both AL-QAEDA and Pakistani TALIBAN.

(TANGO SUBJECT = TERROR SUSPECT; for future reference.)

Such is the impression left lingering with the release of a PALTRY 17 items pried  from the cold DEAD hands of a failing Terrorist--OVER a YEAR AG0.  

And the data dump was accompanied by some seemingly speculative analysis, particularly on the IRANIAN Front.

Whatever happened to the 'ticking bomb clock" RATIONAL of yore?

And the once reticent KSM and a couple of his posse boys had to go through all that nasty water being poured up their nostrils.

Tic-Toc; Tic-Toc...

Then there's all that flying squirrel-poop about how uncooperative the Pakistani versions of Boris and Natasha have been--for the past YEAR…

Smells like politics in the early morning gruel pot--possibly to be served to many on broken rice bowls...? -- US/1]  


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