09 January 2013


[redacted]; US/1; ATTN: V.sAm-TW; HD/23; vs/2; JAG/1; US/8; EDJ/2; EA/[redacted]; VADM/[redacted]; US/30; IS/[redacted]; US/24; US/60; CO/56; HN/2


LEGAL MEMORANDUM                                  06 April 2012 : 0530 ET
For:       Hon. Stanley Sporkin, (U.S. Dist., Ret.) 
               Legal Counsel
VIA SHINY/OBJ - Special Working Group (Augmented) – SH/OB - SWG(A):
              BKNT Member VicSIERRA/Dos        BKNT Member RT/66
  BKNT Member US/5                            BKNT Member EA/[redacted]
  BKNT Member SR-6                            BKNT Member IS/[redacted]
  BKNT Member US/8                            BKNT Member UK/[redacted]
              BKNT Member US/12                          BKNT Member VADM/[redacted]
              BKNT Member US/17                          BKNT Member YQ/[redacted]     
              BKNT Member HD/23                          BKNT Member CO/56
  BKNT Member US/30                          Non-BKNT Member RU-214
  BKNT Member TSP/2                          BKNT Member HN/2

FROM: W. Scott Malone                                                     (516)-[#redacted]
             Editor, BlackNET Intelligence Channel
  Chairman, MindBENDER, Inc.


We once again require your able legal counsel, judgment and wisdom. Several issues have arisen with the arrival, “over the transom,” so to speak, last Summer and again this Spring. of Photographs which may prove to be prima facie evidence pertinent to certain ONGOING operations of potentially historic proportions. For the purposes of identifying the equipment displayed below, along with its salient functions, the presumed “operational” significance and targets have been redacted to perhaps lessen potential bias which might therein be divined.

The possibility of US Intelligence knowledge and/or activities, or lack thereof, may nonetheless be construed by various government entities to be either restricted, ‘classified,’ ‘subjudicie,’ and/or otherwise proprietary.

Any and all such claims are hereby and shall be henceforth contested.

Further, several “private operators,” described below, may have once held U.S. military commissions in the field of Special Forces Operations and/or ‘Other Government Agency’ intelligence-related positions in the past. NONE could be described as “undercover,” as far as has been determined to date. However, implications of possible claims under Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 provisions, or any derivatives therein, should also be addressed, should you deem such review necessary.

It should also be noted that this formal Legal Advise Request is herein and hereby distributed for Members’ own operational security purposes as well.

Only our gratitude awaits…


MEMBER [#-redacted] provided the following input about this “shiny object” PHOTOGRAPH, as it has come to be known, on 30 JUNE 2011 : 1300  ET:


Simple photo of Soviet-manufactured U-241 that was allowed to fall into [Foreign Organization Initials redacted] hands [causing an effect on devices--description redacted] [Five word editorial Comment redacted]?

PROPIN means "Proprietary Intelligence or Information". Self explanatory: Private, non-governmental information.

NGO means "Non-Governmental Organization"

ORCON means "Originator Controlled", not "Originating 'Agency' Controlled"

MEMBER [#-redacted] had earlier explained [22 JUNE 2011 : 1500 ET]:

In other words, the "shiny object" photo originates from a private operation conducted by private operators not operating with any connection of any kind to USG or any other G.

In the photo is a container of something located somewhere by the aforementioned private operators last year [i.e. 2010]. There were more. If anybody wakes up and wants to know the story, advise. Interesting pedigree documentation accompanying containers was collected.

Member Russian tranlations of the third item (F.3) below, should be in hand by the close of business today. Will prompltly forward same for your consideration counselor, via the BlackNET SH/OB – SWG(A) Members listed above.

We shall axiously await your, and their, advisement on same…


This entire Russian-American Mechanical Engineering Dictionary is available (in analog format only—ergo, not digitally searchable) ONLINE at:

The above is the Only One Search Result For:

soviet u-241 micro kopuyc electrical control equipment – [category redacted]   FastestFox Refinements [x]

1.      Rus-Eng Slovar Mashinostroenie

Oct 4, 2010 – :MICOCTb Electrical .capacity, capacitance 3JleICTpH'feCTBO Ii ... 32 33 34 Ge As Se 50 51 52 53IJ Sn Sb Te 411 3JJeKTpOHUan npoBo.u. ... Nuclear fission 531 IJ.cnH311 ..... llllIHnHlfKOBblii Y3eJI Support 1020 Pa3beMHblii kopuyc Split ..... L n ~ 1536 Kminall ,lI,aBJICHIIH Pressure control valve 1537 ...


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